Our Program

The TumbleJam curriculum was created by Patrick Cerria, and was inspired  by three things:
    1    Music and all of its amazing attributes.
    2    The philosophies and methods of Dalcroze Eurhythmics.
    3    The importance of creating and developing a healthy group dynamic amongst students.
We use music, movement, expression, socialization, and discovery with children of all abilities to help them grow and better understand themselves and their peers. 

The group dynamic - and learning to work together - is not separate from learning. It's a part of it. Our classes provide a foundation for creating a healthy group and build on it. Students interact with music in unique ways using games and exercises that allow an enriching experience. Music is dynamic - like children - and can be understood in a number of ways. We like to say you can:

                              See It - Hear It - Move It - Speak It - Feel It ©

All classes are taught with live piano/keyboard so students can interact socially, kinesthetically, and emotionally. In addition, our series of patented games and exercises immediately begin teaching children about musical concepts like:
    •    Patterns
    •    Symbols
    •    Dynamics
    •    Focus
    •    Group Dynamic
    •    Listening
    •    Improvisation
In addition to musical concepts, our classes teach:
    •    Body Awareness
    •    Personal Space
    •    Time and Space
    •    Kinesthetic Movement
    •    Self Expression