​Professional & Staff Development

Staff development workshops are a crucial piece to the evolution of your faculty . Staff want workshops that are relevant, hands on, interactive, and informative. Educators have weighed in, and Patrick's workshops are all of these things. 

Patrick introduces movement based techniques and strategies - and does so with humor, passion, openness, and creativity. Both teachers and administrators have described Patrick as energetic and passionate. His love of teaching will help your staff develop methods to better understand, and serve, the varied learners they must now teach.

Topics covered include:
    •    Developmental Diversity
    •    The Role of Music and Movement in both the Special Needs and Typical Classroom
    •    Classroom Management Through Subject, Music & Movement
    •    Rhythm, Movement & Speech Delays
    •    Music & Social Skills
    •    Dynamic Learners - Dynamic Art 

Here’s one example of what administrators are saying about Patrick's In-Service/Staff Development Workshop:
"Patrick provided in-service professional development training to our K-8 teachers to help support integrating the arts with all academic content areas. Teachers found his sessions to be engaging, tied to student learning, and specific to their needs as classroom teachers." 
         - Mrs. Kari McGann, Supervisor of Humanities - Readington Township Schools  

Patrick has also presented music themed lesson plans to social studies classes to help students better understand a culture or period; and has also presented music history lessons to general music as well as band classes. Some of his knowledgeable areas include:
    •    American Music History (folk music, the blues, rock & roll, hip-hop)
    •    Jazz History
    •    Jazz band rhythm section instruction
    •    Improvisation techniques 

"The best workshop I've ever attended!"


"The instructor kept the classes attention and made everyone feel welcome. Mr Patrick Cerria was inspiring, and offered his experience and insightful information on how to handle stundents who may be challenging. I found this to be useful for working with my Autistic Preschoolers too! I will definitely share his information and am happy that I took his workshop, Thank you!"

​Workshop attendee, 2017 NJEA Convention, Atlantic City, NJ

"Immediately applicable!"

"Engaging! I learned so much!"
Informative and entertaining - a great combo!"

"Best  workshop  ever! Great ideas and insight into classroom management as well as lesson activities! Revolutionary...really!"